You is smart. You is kind. You is important.

You is smart. You is kind. You is important.

I loved The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I read the book in one day (I just couldn’t stop reading!) and I loved how it came to life in the movie. The strength of the women (the woman writing the story as well as the women living it) was inspirational and empowering to me.

The quote, “You is smart. You is kind. You is important.” has become one of my favorite affirmations. I often say it to myself while standing in a Wonder Woman pose (hands on hips, feet slightly apart) hoping to gain the strength I need to face a difficult day.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember how remarkable we are…

Lots of things erode our self-confidence each day: a comment from a coworker, an advertisement on TV, even a well-meaning family member. In fact, sometimes it seems everywhere you look someone is better, prettier, or smarter.

When we start to see life through those darkly tinted glasses, we need to re-affirm our self-belief. We need to remove those glasses and look through different lenses – even if they seem somewhat rose-colored…  

A positive affirmation helps with self-confidence.

I have to admit, although many positive-thinking websites, self-help gurus, and new-agey types promote the benefits of positive affirmations, there are many psychologists who say it can have a negative effect on a person if the person can’t possibly believe the affirmation.

That’s where a personalized approach to the affirmation comes in.

For instance, when you say:

I am smart,” think of ways you are. Maybe you remember a time you figured out a computer problem or logic puzzle, did the math to triple a recipe or help a friend find a solution to a bad situation.

I am kind,” think of things you’ve done that showed kindness. Perhaps you opened a door for someone that day or took over a duty for a coworker so she could leave early.

I am important,” think of the many people who count on you, love you, and believe in you.

Positive affirmations also help with self-discipline.

I don’t you about you, but I have lots of areas in my life where I need improvement, and I’ve discovered a positive affirmation can help.

For instance, when my self-discipline is low and I want ice cream for supper, I have to say something like, “I value my health. I eat real, nourishing food for supper.” I then think of the things I have eaten in the past that support that affirmation. (It helps if I have something planned for dinner that matches that statement, but that’s a whole other post…)

The point is, you can create an affirmation for any time you feel you need strength to overcome either a self-confidence or a self-discipline issue. Just remember you need to make it believable by remembering something you’ve done that makes that statement true.

I hope you’ll try a positive affirmation of your own this week. Remember: You is smart. You is kind. You is important!