What Do We See When We Look in the Mirror?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Years ago, I was waiting for my grandma to get ready to go somewhere. As she put on her makeup, she said something like, “Old woman, I don’t know if makeup will make any difference on your wrinkly face.” I couldn’t believe she didn’t think she was beautiful because to me, she was. I saw her as a person – not just a reflection of her physical self – but sometimes, when we look in the mirror, that’s all we see.

It’s easy to focus on our flawed bodies when we look in the mirror.

Because of advertisements telling us to “regenerate” our skin to look glowing and young again, when we see the wrinkles on our faces, we don’t see the the life experiences that made us who we are today.

Because billboards are full of opportunities for surgical enhancements, we don’t think about the babies we carried and nursed that gave us those stretch marks and sagging breasts.

Because of the magazine articles about losing weight, when we see those extra 20 pounds we don’t see the many meals and desserts we made and shared with our families 

Because we’ve been programmed by everything around us to see all the things that are wrong, we only see things that need “fixed” when we look in the mirror.

When we look in the mirror, we need to see past the reflection of our physical bodies.

It’s important to look good as you begin your day. You want your hair, makeup, and clothes to be perfect. That rarely happens to me – there’s always something about me I’m not happy about – either my hair is too flat or my clothes show too many bulges.

It’s at those times I force myself to remember my grandma and my attitude changes. I remember how beautiful she was too me – even with all the flaws she complained about. Yes, I saw her physical self, but more importantly, I saw her real self – the loving, generous, and forgiving person she was. Then I take a moment to really look at myself…and I’m OK with what I see.

This week, make it a point to truly see yourself when you look in the mirror.

Yes, check that your hair, makeup, and clothes are flattering, but don’t beat yourself up with the things society says needs “fixed.” Instead, take a few moments to look past the reflection in the mirror. Take time to celebrate the life you’ve lived, the lessons you’ve learned, and the beautiful person you’ve become!