Welcome Fall! Favorite Front Porches

favorite front porches

via Finding Home Farms

In January I might not feel so lucky to live where there are four distinct seasons, but in fall, I’m thrilled. The bright colors of summer change to warm tones that make me think of hearth and home.

Yes, it’s a beautiful time of year, but it’s also time to change up the front door/porch decor, and I’m not very good at that sort of thing, but I have an idea of what I want it to be…

I know I want it to celebrate the season of harvest and welcome home family for Thanksgiving. We don’t have any littles at home, so there’s no need for the blacks and oranges of Halloween. It also needs to go with the wreaths I bought for the front doors last year (no sense in expense I don’t need, right?) I have plenty of colorful leaves in the yard, so I want things that play on the natural changes occurring now.

I also know what I don’t want. There will be no straw or corn stalks – looks great at first, but too much to clean up later! Country-ish signs are lovely to look at, but I have absolutely NO TIME for crafting, so ix-nae on designs requiring me to make anything.

So, it might seem like I have an impossible task ahead, but hey! I have a Pinterest account, so no worries! Right? 

Welcome Fall


I love the look of fall mums! This front door from Sand & Sisal, has the perfect mix of plants and pumpkins.

(Notice some of the plants are still in their nursery containers?Easy-peasy!)

I don’t have steps to my front door, but I do have plants on both sides of the doors where I could “tuck in” a few pumpkins…

The white pumpkins, planters, and mums keep the oranges and greens from taking over and becoming monotonous.

The addition of the fiber pumpkin adds texture – I love texture in decor!

I think the blue door is a perfect complement to the orange mums and pumpkins. 

I don’t have a blue door, but I could add blue accents. Maybe some blue pots for the mums, or a large lantern? (Painted Blue, of course…)

My absolute favorite front porches are simple…and quick to set up and take down.

I love the look of a perfectly staged entry, but it has to be something I can set up and remove in minutes – not hours. Our weather changes from soft-frost to hard-freeze nights quickly, and I don’t enjoy cleaning away the frozen remains of a complicated arrangement (mostly because it’s usually a windy, cold Saturday afternoon when I’d rather be by the fire with a good book!) favorite front porches

The front porch of Finding Home Farms meets that requirement.  The dark red mums really stand out against the neutral color of the house.

This would work well for my own entry because our home is made of white brick. I also like the way the bright orange of the pumpkins balances the darker color of the mums.

I think my favorite part of it all (besides the simple, no-fuss look) is the way mums are tucked into rustic and natural containers. Did I mention I’m a big fan of mixed textures in decor?

favorite front porches

OK, so I do love some of these more elaborate designs, and although I wouldn’t use them myself, I’d love to see them in my neighborhood!

favorite front porches

Front Entry Swag from Laura Trevey

favorite front porches

Rustic Entry from Cottage in the Oaks










When I think about it, I’ll enjoy any look that uses pumpkins, mums, and fall leaves. These pictures give me ideas for putting together a design that works for me, my schedule, and the entry to my home. No more stress and procrastination about changing it up for fall – I’m off to the local pumpkin patch!