The Love of the Game


Play something for the love of the game.

I love games – pretty much any game – especially if there is a winner and a loser. Whether it’s a card game, board game, or guessing game, the competition is everything. And, I’m sad-to-say (alright, I’m not really that sad about it…) it often makes me annoying to other players. Because in the end, it isn’t about the love of the game, it’s about winning.

Is there such a thing as doing something just for the love of the game? Really?

We’re often so caught up in life’s competitions – the need to do more, be more, work harder, achieve more, etc. – we forget about doing things just because we love to do them. I love to take early morning or late evening walks, but since we signed up to do a family 5K this month, I feel the need to walk faster and longer each time I go out. It’s a family 5K and we’re walking with toddlers, but for some reason I feel the need to make sure my mile times decrease each time I go for a walk!

When it’s about the competition, it’s only fun if you win.

Chess is one game I DO NOT enjoy playing because I rarely (OK, almost never) win. I spend the entire game (which, if I’m lucky, will last maybe 15 minutes) trying to survive. It is absolutely no fun, and even though my son loves the game and always begged me to play it with him, I didn’t.

Because of my need to be good enough to win, I couldn’t see the game for what it really was – a chance to spend one-on-one time with my son.

This week, do something “just for the love of the game.”

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and those you love is to do something just because it’s fun. Go for a walk, ride a bike, take a craft class, or play something just for laughs. There doesn’t have to be a reason to have fun. You won’t be sabotaging your competitive edge by taking a little break from the competition – you’ll just be bringing a little fun into your often overly-competitive life.

This week choose one thing to do just for the fun of it and experience the freedom that comes from feeling no need to compete. So what will you choose? C’mon, I double-dare ya’ 😀