Make Decisions from a Place of Hope

Make decisions from a place of hope and self-belief.

Summer is a wonderful time of year, but as the season turns to fall, I have more time to think about all the things (OK, good habits, mostly) I let slide in the name of my busy, fun, just-go-with-it schedule. I realize it’s time to return to healthier habits of eating, exercise, and meditation.

Unfortunately, all I can think about is how hard/impossible/miserable the change will be, and my enthusiasm for change is taken over by the fear of failure, so another week goes by without any action towards my goal.

What would life look like if we chose to make our decisions from a place of hope and positive self-belief?

That sounds nice, doesn’t it? But the reality might seem more difficult. I mean, what does that even look like?

Our perceived failures or self-beliefs have been based on comparing ourselves with others over time. They negatively affect our way of thinking, so we need to positively redirect our thoughts.

And from my experience, it’s more than thinking, “I hope that works,” while in the back of our minds we’re thinking, “It hasn’t in the past, but OK…” Where’s the self-belief in that? 

It’s time to get the positive train back on track.

Thinking positively has gotten a bad rap over the years – mostly because of the people who say all you have to do is ignore the negative things and think only positive thoughts. Are you kidding me? That’s like sweeping the dirt under the rug – it’s still there, and if you keep doing it, pretty soon it’ll build up and be really noticeable!

The negative things are still there, but you’re more likely to have a better result if you think about them from a place of hope and positive self-belief. It allows you to deal with them without fear and discouragement. 

We can choose to make decisions from a place of hope and positive self-belief.

It’s all fine and good to say, “I’m going to be more positive about how I look at things,” but the reality is, it’s good to have a plan to do so. I know the challenges I’ll face while going for my goals, so I’ve decided in advance how I’ll face them:

When faced with self-doubt about exercise, I’m going to say aloud, “I meet challenges from a place of hope, so I’m going to put on my shoes and get on the treadmill.”  I’m going to overcome the desire to have ice cream for supper with, “I meet challenges from a place of hope, so I’m going to eat a healthy meal.”

Just thinking about it gives me hope…it’s a much better way of looking at life, don’t you think?

Why not try it with me? Let me know how it goes!