Hello and Welcome!


Hello and thanks for stopping by to share part of your day with me.

I’m thinking this midlife thing isn’t all that bad. In fact, most days it’s pretty good – I have a new career, new hairstyle, new clothing style – life seems full of possibility.

Oh sure, some of the old things are still there – I still think about my weight…I know I’m not in the best shape…I have days when I question myself…I know I need to make better food choices…and I’m always working on those things…BUT

the sense of freedom I have now! I have a better idea who I am and what I want in my life, and I believe that only comes from my previous years’ experiences. So yeah, midlife is time to celebrate!

Let’s sit down with a cup of coffee and celebrate it together…because “Midlife Woman” has a whole new meaning!

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