Empty Nest Life

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.”


When kids leave home, dad's have an empty nest, too.

Remember, Dad Has an Empty Nest, too.

I recently received a comment from a woman who was worried about her brother’s adjustment to his empty nest. Wow! Who’d have thought, huh? There are always comments about women and their challenges when the children fly the coop, but men? I don’t know why I never thought of it before, but Dad has an empty nest, too. Dad’s are…

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Go for walks in the sunset because he needs romance, too.

Remember, He Needs Romance, Too!

Women instinctively know there is so much more to romance than roses, chocolate, and lingerie. We think holding hands across the console in the car is romantic. We thrill at a kiss on the cheek while doing dishes. We dream of moments alone, just the two of us when he hangs on our every word. I used to think all…

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Summer romance is a kiss at sunset.

3 Reasons I Love Summer Romance

Forget Valentine’s Day – I’ve always believed summer is the most romantic time of the year. Maybe it’s because of the summer crushes I had as a teenager; maybe it’s because of the movie, Grease, or maybe it’s because the summer after high school graduation I fell in love with my forever sweetheart. Whatever the reason, now that we have more…

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Technology allows me to stayin touch with my Millennials.

Technology Allows Me to Stay in Touch With Our Millennials

My adult children are Millennials – members of the generation born between 1977 and 1994. They’re a tech-savvy group whose main concern is, “how fast is the internet?” They use their phones for researching, shopping, socializing, and sometimes, talking to their parents. I used to complain about technology taking the place of human interaction, but that was before I discovered…

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When kids become adults, you have to change parenting roles

How Do We Change Parenting Roles?

I was a “helicopter mom” before the phrase helicopter mom even existed. Proof? When my second son was in his eighth grade English class, his teacher had them all share an adjective to describe their mothers. The other students said things like “nice,” “loving,” or “giving.” Not my son. When it was his turn he said, “demanding.” I know this…

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The gate was the scariest part of buil fence

Building a Privacy Fence: We Faced Our Fears and Succeeded

After two years of thinking, “This fence needs replaced,” we faced the uncertainty of building a privacy fence without any previous experience in fence-building. (Well, not privacy-fence-building. We’ve had lots of fence building experience on the farm, but that was always with steel posts and wire – never wood…) We knew the old fence needed to be replaced, but we…

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Getting everyone back to the empty nest doesn't always go as planned.

Getting Everyone Back to the Empty Nest

When you have 5 children spread out through 3 states and Canada, getting everyone back to the empty nest at the same time is no easy feat. (The term, “herding cats,” comes to mind …) Our family gets together in July when the weather is warm and the traveling home isn’t plagued by winter storms. My sweetie calls it our…

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Give your old throw pillows new life by adding covers.

Give Throw Pillows New Life in 5 Easy Steps

I have a pretty good selection of throw pillows…some (my sweetie) might say I have too many throw pillows. But can you ever have too many throw pillows? I think not – well, I thought not until they fell off the shelves and onto my head when I opened certain closets… That was when I decided to stop buying throw…

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