About Me

Wearing hatsI’m a woman who’s finding her way through a new life stage.

I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother.

Married for forty years to a man I still like (I liked him before I fell in love with him), I raised five children I still like (mainly because they’ve married people I like and have given me grandchildren I adore!)

I’m a writer.

I write about my experiences: what I’ve seen, noticed, done, and learned. You can’t make this stuff up. Really.

I’m a teacher.

I began teaching full time when my youngest child was in third grade – 20 years ago. I currently work with at-risk youth in an alternative K-8 school.

I’m a person who believes in women, so I started a blog.

Women of today who are 50 – 70 (or so) are more active and involved in life than any other generation of women, so while we experience sadness as our nest empties, the chances of us experiencing months of empty nest depression are few.

What empty-nester women DO face, however, is anxiety that comes with the many other changes occurring at the same time children are leaving the nest.

At This Empty Nest Life, I offer inspiration and ideas for meeting this time with courage and joy. Instead of looking at changes in our family structure, social lives, health & fitness needs, career or retirement issues with anxiety, I believe we can look at this time as an opportunity to start a new life chapter.

I believe we can find joy in the changes we face because I believe in the strength, courage, and kindness of women!